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With over 100 different companies as our clients, you can be sure of a professional and reliable service.  We are specialists in the Medical and 5 star Accommodation industries, and yet still service a large variety of other businesses

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Below is a summary of our procedures:

Transportation and Sorting

Customers goods are kept in their own laundry bags during transportation and soiled stock is isolated from clean stock in the vans. Sorting of stock is only ever performed in the designated soiled linen area by the washers, processed linen is never brought into this zone. During the entire laundry process, customers goods are never contaminated with other customers i.e. own unique machines, buckets, storage etc.

Stain Treatments

Pre-wash stain treating for soiled laundry “Hydret 2” and “Frankopal Maxx” from Gooder Equipment is used in a pump action spray. For tough stains, soaking in a solution of Napisan or Sodium Perborate Tetrahydrate for a minimum of 24 hours, then an extended hot wash.


A Hot wash, for colourfast fabrics are at a minimum of 70ºC with an average of 75ºC. The first rinse is warm (40ºC) with the main wash cycle taking 9 minutes for a standard hot wash, total cycle time being 30 minutes. A heavily soiled wash has a total cycle time of 90 minutes. Our primary washing powder is Surge, all powders supplied by Space industries. For heavily soiled items we use ILP (Industrial Laundry Powder) and Per Plus.

Articles are processed according to colour and purpose, i.e. sheeting is separated from toweling which is separated from blankets etc.


All items are tumbled or drip-dried. Laundry that requires pressing is partially dried for approximately 20 minutes at 70ºC. Towelling is dried at 80ºC until dry, normally 60 minutes. All other items are dried on a case-by-case basis.


All items that require pressing are processed on either a flat bed press at 140 – 180ºC or by hand at 100 - 150ºC.

All folding is by hand; this is to ensure no marks remain on the laundry. Should items fail QA then they are transferred to the rewash system.

Chemical Compositions

Surge – Sodium Metasilicate, powder

ILP – Sodium Hydroxide, powder

Per Plus – an oxygenating bleach as a whitening agent., powder

Sodium Perborate Tetrahydrate - for the removal of stains, powder

Hydret 2 – for the removal of blood and protein based stains, liquid

Frankopal Maxx – for the removal of oil based stains, liquid

International Standards and Associations

We comply with the Australian and New Zealand Standards for Laundry Practice AS/NZS 4146:2000. We are also a member of the Textile Care Federation of New Zealand, a self governing body that promotes best practice in the Laundry and Dry Cleaning services.